You Must Drink Water With Hoodia

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You Must Drink Water With Hoodia

Although the weight loss supplement hoodia is not a diuretic in itself it does have a side effect that you need to pay attention to.  Not only does this remarkable food cut your appetite but it also cuts your thirst. This means that you can get dehydrated while using it and not even notice because your brain will not give your body the message to “drink more water.”

Furthermore some hoodia formulas are “cut” with green tea powder or green tea extract. Green tea is a very powerful diuretic and between the more frequent visits to the bathroom and the natural lack of desire to drink caused by the hoodia you could find yourself lacking the basic eight eight ounce glasses of water a day that you are supposed to be drinking just to stay healthy. In fact, while dieting doctors recommend that you drink even more than that so that you detoxify in a safe and healthy way.

So how much water you should you be drinking while you are taking hoodia? Doctors and fitness experts recommend drinking half of your body weight in ounces a day in water. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink at least 80 ounces of water per day Drinking half your body weight in ounces a day of water will aid your metabolism in breaking down fat cells and flushing out toxins.

If you exercise you should drink another eight-ounce glass of water for every 20 minutes you are active on the treadmill or other piece of exercise equipment. When taking hoodoo you must drink water before during and after exercise simply because your natural thirst mechanism may not kick in as usual.

An athlete should drink ten to fourteen ounces of cold water one to two hours before a sports activity. During exercise the athlete should drink three to four ounces of cold water every fifteen minutes.  The thing about hoodia is it can make you feel very elated and like you can go on exercising forever. There is also something about the food supplement that makes you feel less sore when you exercise. Given this it is so important to ward off any type of post exercise fatigue or other complications by making sure you drink as much water as possible while on Hoodia

Ordinary, cold water is the best to drink and it is also the most economical source of fluid. A sports drink or diluted fruit juice may be used if that encourages you to drink more fluids but remember that these types of beverages could contain some calories in the form of sweeteners or labels.  If you get bored with drinking plain water there are some sugar free sweetened drinks on the market that are not carbonated.

Beware of carbonated sodas and caffeinated beverages; they may cause stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea. They can cause further dehydration during exercise.

Watery fruits such as oranges, grapes and watermelons can also up your intake of fluids during the day, as can vegetable and meat broths.  Broths are a nourishing way to get stay hydrated as well as get some protein and vitamins into your diet.

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia comes from a plant scientifically known as Hoodia Gordonii. It is found in the arid deserts of South Africa and has been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes as a miracle food that staves off hunger. Hoodia is also one of the lesser known and more contemporary appetite suppressants on the market.

Hoodia helps you lose weight in a safe and natural manner. It is not a drug of any kind and in most places it is classified as a food or food supplement. It is often referred to as the natural diet miracle because it cuts the appetite nearly in half in most individuals. Read More