Hoodia – Healthy Weight Loss Aid

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Hoodia – The Healthy Weight Loss Aid

If you are considering taking a weight loss supplement then put away the diet teas, ephedrine and caffeine pills and consider taking Hoodia instead.  Hoodia is simply safer then many of the diet aids on the market as it does not rev up or slow down the body in any way.

Hoodia is an appetite suppressant without any dangerous side effects except for maybe too much weight loss in too short of a time. Like any supplement hoodia needs to be used in moderation in order to be effective but it is more akin to eating a food than taking a drug.

Hoodia is a good alternative to taking diet pills because unlike these other weight loss aids such as ephedrine, it is does not stimulate you. It does not speed up your metabolism or heart rate either which can lead to complications like thyroid malfunction and heart attacks. It works on the hypothamalus gland to fool the body into thinking it is not hungry without any negative effects such as excitement, fatigue, shaking, headaches or nausea. Instead people who take hoodia merely feel focused, strong and well.

Hoodia is also not a diuretic. Many of the diet teas on the market, especially the Chinese diet teas simply leech water from your system. The result is that you look thinner because your body loses moisture through excretion. You can lose as much as ten pounds of water in three days using diuretics. This is very hard on the kidneys. Furthermore you simply gain all of the weight back in just couple of days.

Many of these diet aids, whether they be in pill form or sold as a tea, are also loaded with caffeine.  Caffiene also works as a diuretic and can also over stimulate the brain and heart. People on caffeinated diet products often feel nervous, shaky and irritable.  Furthermore caffeine can be very addictive.

Hoodia is a wonderful alternative to taking diet pills because unlike its other synthetic counterparts it is devoid of addictive and stimulating effects. This means that if you use hoodia you are not likely to develop a dependency on it. 

Unlike weight loss pills or teas that have caffeine or ephedrine in them, Hoodia also does not cause mood swings.  In fact many people who take Hoodia feel steady, calm and like they have a great deal of stamina. In fact, Hoodia is a food that was used by the Sans people in Africa to sustain them through periods of famine.

In Africa it is not classified as a drug at all, but rather as a food that can be eaten every day. Hoodia is just a humble vegetable that tastes a bit like bitter cucumber. It is cut up an eaten as a salad in Africa.  This is why it is perfectly legitimate to name Hoodia as one of the most natural of weight loss aids that are available.

To use hoodia safely try not to lose more than two pounds a week while using it. Many people initially experience a quick weight loss of up to a pound a day when they first start taking it which is a bit rapid.

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia comes from a plant scientifically known as Hoodia Gordonii. It is found in the arid deserts of South Africa and has been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes as a miracle food that staves off hunger. Hoodia is also one of the lesser known and more contemporary appetite suppressants on the market.

Hoodia helps you lose weight in a safe and natural manner. It is not a drug of any kind and in most places it is classified as a food or food supplement. It is often referred to as the natural diet miracle because it cuts the appetite nearly in half in most individuals. Read More