How Hoodia Works in the Body?

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How Hoodia Works in the Body

Hoodia is one of the most interesting foods in the world simply a there are few that you can eat so little of and yet feel so full. You would never catch a Westerner or European eating this bitter plant which tastes like a rotten cucumber. However people eat it every day in Africa to sustain themselves and vanquish food cravings and thirst.

The remarkable thing about hoodia, also known as hoodia gordonii is that it somehow manages to cut the appetite entirely. People who take it do not end up feeling tired or challenged in any way. In fact they feel like they have an improved sense of well being and stamina.

Unlike other weight loss supplements that speed up your metabolism hoodia leaves you feeling level, focused and balanced. You just don’t get those buzzed out, anxious or nervous that you do with other weight loss aids like Dexedrine, ephedrine and caffeine. That is because hoodia does not speed up your metabolism like these other popular weight loss aids do.

Furthermore there is not crashing a few hours after taking it as is common with caffeine and ephedrine. There are also no mood swings associated with taking hoodia – just an elevated mood that sustains itself all day.

Hoodia works by tricking your brain to think that it has had its share of glucose for the day. There is a molecule in hoodia that is ten thousand times more powerful than glucose. Once your brain detects what it thinks is an excess of glucose it sends your body a message to stop eating. This is how hoodia effectively cuts cravings for food.

Most weight loss supplements like Dexedrine, ephedrine and caffeine are diuretics as well which speed water out of your body’s tissues. The result can be the dizziness and headache that is associated with dehydration. Hoodia does not work that way at all however it can cut your thirst so you have to remember to drink enough water while you are on it. Make it your goal to drink at least eight glasses of water a day while taking hoodia and that will help speed your weight loss and detoxify your body as well.

As hoodia causes very rapid weight loss it is important to monitor how you are doing with it. Do not try to lose ten pounds a week on it, even though this type of weight loss is completely possible while you are on it. As anyone who has ever been on a crash diet will tell you once you quit taking the Hoodia you will gain it all back. If you want permanent, healthy weight loss then you should keep to the doctor’s recommendations of losing two pounds a week. Lose anymore than that per week and you could gain it back as part of rebound weight.

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia comes from a plant scientifically known as Hoodia Gordonii. It is found in the arid deserts of South Africa and has been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes as a miracle food that staves off hunger. Hoodia is also one of the lesser known and more contemporary appetite suppressants on the market.

Hoodia helps you lose weight in a safe and natural manner. It is not a drug of any kind and in most places it is classified as a food or food supplement. It is often referred to as the natural diet miracle because it cuts the appetite nearly in half in most individuals. Read More